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Guidelines for Choosing a Home Renovation Company

by Enrico Manetta

The founder of Manetta Enterprises, Inc., in Maspeth, New York, Enrico Manetta first began business as the leader of a work crew that specialized in concrete and brick repairs. In the mid-1990s, Enrico Manetta widened the scope of his business to include private home and commercial property renovations, with a focus on sidewalk, driveway and foundation work.
Choosing a capable and reputable renovation company for your home requires research and patience. Asking for referrals from family, friends, and neighbors is often a good place to begin. Recommendations may vary depending on the type of alterations you need done.
Once you have identified several options, it’s time to speak with the companies to gather information specifically for your needs. Get quotes for the cost of labor and materials from each company, and ask about time constraints or other limitations. Compare the information you've gathered from your candidates to ensure that you get the best quality of work in exchange for your money.
Checking a company's credentials and licenses, as well as viewing some of their completed renovation projects, can also aid you in making the right decision. Whether individuals in the company possess qualifications such as Certified Graduate Remodeler or Certified Bath Designer is another factor to consider. Lastly, it may be wise to verify that the company is well-established in your community and has relationships with plumbers, electricians, and other contracting professionals.
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