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The New York Mets Stadium Changes

The New York Mets Stadium

As an independent contractor since 1991, Enrico Manetta worked up from doing concrete sidewalk repairs and waterproofing to full-on private and commercial renovations. Directing a crew that has grown over the years to about 150 people, Manetta Enterprises President Enrico Manetta shifted the business from working with private homeowners to supplying and installing telecommunication lines in Manhattan. As a resident New Yorker, his favorite baseball team is the New York Mets.

In 1964, the New York Mets’ home turf, Shea Stadium, opened for its first game. The 21 escalators, 54 restrooms and four restaurants accommodated over 50,000 Mets fans, even though there was a huge backup in parking. One of the most impressive things about Shea Stadium was its 60-ton scoreboard, one of the largest in the Major League.

Located in Queens, NY, Shea Stadium went through a series of improvements throughout the years before becoming completely renovated into what is called Citi Field today. The current Mets stadium now has wider seats, more restaurants, more luxury suites, and additional elevators. An increase in wheelchair seating and toilets has made the stadium more accessible for Mets fans.

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